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Total Website Servicing
Contrary to what the hype leads you to believe, Social media has its pros and cons. The main idea to keep in mind if you're a business owner using the Internet to turn a profit is,

“Only promote your websites! If you're not making money sending your website visitors away from your website, don't do it.” --common sense

HTML5 Web Developer

Website Development

We develop every kind of website our clients' need. From Intranet to Mobile, data driven to static, we make them all. We specialize in database driven websites running in MVC Frameworks with OOP Methodology. We've been building and managing MVC sites full-time for years.

Our base development incorporates analytics, security, tracking, speed and seo friendly design. We can manage social media for your company; helping to improve audience and inbound traffic to your main website.
SEO Web Developer

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of analyzing and enhancing your website so that it's easier for potential customers to find your site from a search engine. Using SEO tools to help improve where your site appears in the results pages when someone conducts a search for your product or service is what we do every day.

Mobile Website Design

Is your site mobile? Should it be? Want it to be? Think of the increased business by people that are vacationing or traveling, lots of them use their mobile devices instead of their computers. You can reach more customers with a great web presence built with the software package I provide.

Mobile websites are all the rage these days and you know that. If your website is not mobile friendly, you're missing out on a lot of potential customers.

With our New Build or Rebuild Web Design Service, we include code that will provide LG/MD/SM X-browser width computer viewports, IOS Retina and non-Retina Landscape and Portrait viewports for Tablets and Phones, Android Retina Landscape and Portrait viewports for Tablets and Phones all in one website. There is no need to have different sites for each device and definitely no need to buy a ".mobi" domain name.

Custom Blog Building

We love to build custom blogs. A big advantage of a custom blog is Full Control over all elements. Many DotNetNuke, Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress blogs are a challenge to add a new div, image, video or whatever the blog owner wants. When it's harder to make those changes, that means the longer it will take to make them. More time spent equals more money spent. The database for a custom built blog is another fun part of the project. If you want a blog that has your logo, your banners, your anything and not what you get with the pre-built CMS's, we can produce.

Pre-built CMS Customization

CMS sites are scattered throughout the Internet and many of them accommodate lots of visitors. CMS websites are pre-built sites that provide a web based management interface where lots of things can be done to enhance the website. The interface provides a way to allow visitors to register to make posts, allow visitors to make comments on posts, add or remove pages, add or remove pictures and even expand the site to have more areas (We developers call them "divs".), areas where even more content can be placed, say something like a video section. There are tons of things that can be done with a Wordpress Web Management Interface but more often than not, there will come a time when the actual code will have to be changed. That is one of our specialties. We love to dive through massive amounts of code files.
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